Hi, my name is Jon Pullen and I welcome you on my birding journey. I am by no means an authority on avian matters and this site displays my amateur attempt as a hobbiest at capturing avian images from
South Africas abundant birdlife . So this is my record of a birding journey as seen through my lenses.

I have always had an interest in birds since childhood and in later years
photography but due to the usual pressure of work never really got started. 
This year I've decided to combine the two interests and what you find here is the
result of that effort.

There will probably be many image updates along this journey as my photographic
skills improve and hope one day, to be able to post amazing pics similar to those
posted on facebook and seen on websites of other seasoned birding gurus.

Hope you enjoy the images and like me, also learn something about birds along the way!!.

November 2018.
Website built Nov 2018
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